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Jan 3


why luhan is perfect: cutest fanboy ever


Luhan’s reaction while watching his and Xiumin’s part in ‘The Heirs’ parody

that second gif is everything ;_;

luhan got offended (x)

as expected, this totally made my day

luhan’s moves

No#1 handsome guy in China. Srsly.

(Source: oh-luhans)

130822 growl 4th win

Perfect with a Krishan on top

130817 EXO [BaekHyun & Chen] PERFORMANCE @ Immortal Song 2 // 불후의 명곡 IS2 백현 & 첸 진정 난 몰랐네 (by KoreanShowsFan Sam)

Right in the feels tbh

This is our story

Aug 9
Aug 3

say hello to 凡凡's tongue
say hello to 凡凡's tongue